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Yorkshire Terrier at the Vet

Kennedy Veterinary Services
Now Provides

An environmentally friendly alternative to flame based cremation

Losing a pet is difficult.  Let us help with professional, respectful and environmentally responsible remains care. Call 541-938-9306 to make arrangements.

  • A flameless process that uses water instead of fire

  • Over 90% energy savings compared to traditional cremation

  • No direct emissions of harmful green house gases or mercury

  • No burning of fossils fuels

  • 20% more ash remains returned to the family

  • Harmful contaminants, such as chemotherapeutic, antibiotic and euthanasia drugs are destroyed, preventing release into the environment.

Video Links

These 2 videos explain the process of Aquamation/alkaline hydrolysis

These 2 videos portray the environmental benefits of Aquamation

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